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General FAQ's

What is Wellbeing?

What is personal wellbeing?

How will employee wellbeing benefit my business?

What is Engaged Prevention®?

What should I be drinking and how can I stay hydrated?

Do you supply any wellbeing products?

What do your Health Fair Packages consist of?

Health Checks FAQ's

What does an Interactive Health Kiosk do?

Where can I find the Interactive Health Kiosks?

What is Boomerang Life Balance?

Why should I take the Boomerang Life Balance questionnaire?

What is Carbon Monoxide testing and why should I get tested?

What is Lung Age testing and how does it work?

Kiosk FAQ's

What is the Interactive Health Kiosk?

Will anyone else see my results?

Is the Kiosk easy to use?

Can I use the Kiosk on my own?

Why should I login/register on the Kiosk?

If I register, can my account be seen by anyone?

What happens if I forget my login details?

Do I have to register an account?

Why should I enter my email address in the Kiosk?

Why have I not received my results email?

Why have my results not printed?

What should I do if I am concerned about my results?

How is the anonymous Kiosk data used?

How can you guarantee anonymity and confidentiality?

Wellbeing Engagement

What is the Cyclo-ssage System?

What are the benefits of Cyclo-ssage?

How can I rent a Cyclo-ssage system?

What is a Smoothie Bike?

What is a Smoothie Bike Challenge?

What programmes and workshops do you offer?

How can I apply to participate in one of the wellbeing workshops?

How can I apply to participate in one of the happiness workshops?

How can I apply to participate in one of the stress and resilience workshops?

Why should I use Wellbeing People to develop my company’s wellbeing programmes?

Wellbeing Support FAQ's

What is ESP?

How does the Employee Support Program work?

What are the benefits of the Employee Support Programme to my business?

What is EAP?

How does the Employee Assistance Program work?

What is the Online Health Manager?

How can I sign-up for the Online Health Manager?