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The benefits of a long term engagement programme

Employee Health and Wellbeing Workshops


A major multi-national company has provided their staff with access to the Wellbeing People Health Kiosk for a number of years and has achieved good engagement with a wide variety of staff, ranging from clerical and admin to skilled and non skilled manual workers.

At a recent ‘health day’ one participant made an appointment for a slot on the kiosk in the afternoon. When he arrived he had with him a battered copy of his previous readings from the last time the kiosk was onsite, some 12 months before. He wanted to use the kiosk again as he was ‘hoping to see some changes’ in his results as he had been shocked by his readings on the last visit and this had pushed him into making some life improvements. 

He was very pleased with his weight loss of four stone but his biggest surprise was the drop in his blood pressure, which had previously been high and a cause for concern. His body fat content had also reduced and there was a notable reduction in his BMI. His ‘My Mood’ App result had a big smile!


The provisioning of the Health Kiosk by the employer is clearly welcomed by the employees and by having regular, consistent engagement, employees not only monitor their own health but take appropriate action to improve their health and wellbeing.

In this case the individual has decreased his risk of contracting diabetes and heart disease and reduced the likelihood of him having to take lengthy periods of sick leave.