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Who we are

Ben McGannan, Managing Director 

 Employee wellbeingBen has been involved in the water cooler industry since its inception in the UK, having begun his career as Operations Director for George S Clayton Marden Ltd (the family business) after graduating from the University of Kent at Canterbury.

George S Clayton Ltd was at the time the main contractor to Perrier UK and specialised in the provision and manufacture of bottling equipment. Clayton’s supplied the bottle-washing, filling and capping line for Buxton Mineral Water when the 22-litre bottle was originally launched in the UK back in 1989. Subsequently, Ben went on to diversify the business with the introduction of Water for Work in 1992.

Water for Work and Home, as it was known, had grown to become one of the largest independent water cooler companies in the industry, servicing over 11,000 coolers with water from its natural sources.

In 2005, Ben launched a wellbeing division, Wellbeing People; Water for Work and Home Ltd diversified from being solely a water cooler business, breaking into the wellbeing arena and developing the business model for the delivery of Engaged Prevention®, within the Public and Private Sector. Engaged Prevention® aims to fundamentally change people’s behaviour. The intervention is focused on influencing specific behaviours, not just knowledge, attitudes and beliefs. Clear, specific, measurable and time-bound behavioural goals need to be set, with baselines and key indicators established.

In April 2013, Water for Work and Edgar’s Cool Water merged to form one company which incorporates Wellbeing People, Edgars Water, Edgars Fruit and Edgar’s Coffee.  The two businesses have joined together to form a formidable force within the UK watercooler industry and bringing a unique wellbeing concept to the market place.

In wellbeing, education, fruit and hydration, through organic growth and acquisitions, the foundation has been laid down via our merger to create a platform for growth and to maintain our approach to service excellence.  Our plans for the future are very simple.  We have a strategy to grow, expand and innovate all four sectors of our business.  After all, without our customers we would not be in business!

Ben is passionate about the business and the growing team that support him.  He loves his sport and is a very keen golfer and an avid supporter of Maidstone United where he watched his first match as an 8 year old with this Father! 

By Ben McGannan 

Andrew Vickers, Financial Director

 Employee wellbeingAndrew’s career in Finance started in practice before moving into commercial sectors as diverse as the Motor Industry, Property Development, Fine Art Publishing and now Health and Wellbeing.

Andrew joined Water Wellbeing in January 1999 and was promoted to FD in 2006, he has overall responsibility for the company’s Finance, Management Information, IT & the operational elements within the business.

He has been part of the evolution of an engineering company with a water cooler division into a company that has become one of the largest independent water cooler companies in the industry and whose vision is to become the Health and Wellbeing provider of choice to the private and public sector.

Andrew loves all sport and enjoys playing golf and table tennis!

Zoe Colebrook, Accounts and Administration Manager

 Employee wellbeingZoe joined the company in April 1999 as an Accounts Assistant and was promoted to Accounts and Administration Manager in June 2000. Her day to day duties include running the Accounts Team; not being one to shy away from new challenges has recently headed up the depots in Shoreham, London, Brandon and Melton Mowbray. Her strengths lie in her organisational attention to detail and a determination to get things done!

Zoe enjoys walking her dog, cooking and spending time with her family!

Phillip Lerwill, Operations Manager

 Employee wellbeingPhillip Lerwill has been with the company since 1998, joining originally to strengthen the management of distribution. Since then he has evolved with the business and developed a complete understanding of every aspect of its activities.

In 2008 Phillip was promoted to the Sales and Customer Service team to take on a role developing the sales and operational efficiency of Engaged Prevention®.

Phillip trained locally on Rolls Royce and Bentley mechanics and restoration and has practical hands on ability enabling him to tackle most situations, which coupled with his attention to detail and excellent people management skills makes him a significant asset to the business.

He is a sports enthusiast having an interest in a wide variety of sports, including his role as a coach to one of the junior teams for Maidstone United!